A kittengirl

So I’ve liked anime for some time and while I haven’t watched any neko (kitten) series I have found I like kittengirls quite a lot. This would usually mean nothing until I met innocent princess kitten, well not met but somehow found her on Instagram .
A quick glance at her pics and her words on the comments show a smart, sensitive and brilliant girl that found the courage to express herself despite oppressive world we live in.
It is not for me to say how difficult must be for her, however I can tell you I admire her.
She is the trigger on the feeling that has been building inside me, the desire to love and protect someone with that mix of sensitivity, playfulness and intelligence.

So how does this work?

Well apparently there are 3 (could be more) kinds of relationships; master/pet, daddy/little girl and master/slave. And if I understand them correctly I am interested in the first two.
Now the problem for me and reason of this post lies within those terms; master and daddy. Not that I have a problem, matter of fact I think they’re cool and even sexy.
The problem to me comes with earning them, not because I’m new to this, I could be the most experienced person on this topic yet it doesn’t make sense to me to ask a girl to call me that way. I believe it should be earned. To me it makes sense because I want to become special to her because of the way I care of her,  it comes with a silent commitment, matter of fact it makes me worry as I wonder if I will have what it takes to make her feel loved, safe, sexy and above all, happy.

For the reasons above I’ll stick to Lhun as my nickname. And while I’m not sure how this will play out now I’m sure I won’t give up until I make a kitten the happiest one ever.

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